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Friday Friday Friday!

Friday, March 12, 2010

What a day! This morning after dropping off the boys at school I had the chance to photograph one of God's miracles. The rainbow lasted for just a few moments but clearly I was at the right spot at the right time.

My morning continued and I met with several newcomers. I had lunch with a very sweet fellow photographer. (Mmmmm Cafe 35)

So, now a busy week is coming to a close. I had so many fun shoots this week.
Work doesn't really feel like work when you get to hang out with such nice people. And the babies, don't get me started. I really think there is something in the water here... how can there be this many cute babies in one area? I convinced myself 5 times this week that I wanted another baby too. I slowly handed the cuties back to their moms and went home to pout to my hubby, the muffler man.

He was quick to point out sleepless nights, diaper bags, heavy infant carriers, crying, baby food, baby poo, projectile vomit and screaming when you don't know whats wrong.

I agreed and went back to watching survivor. Don't tell the muffler man, but I still think it is worth all the bad for such a little bundle of good!

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  1. Man what an awesome shot! Things like that really make you smile and feel like you are getting a big hug from God!


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