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Family Pictures 2011, Real Life Photography, Lexington NC

Monday, February 21, 2011

I have never seen three kids that sat so still and perfect for their images. This family was so sweet!

See you soon for your proof pick-up.!

Pregnancy Portraits, Lexington NC Photographer, Real Life Photography.

Jill is very, very pregnant, over due and counting. She was so sweet to oblige to my request of using her for a few pregnancy shots.

Thanks Jill, I had so much fun. I hope you did too.

There is no shortage of adorable babies in Davidson county!! Lexington NC Photographer

Friday, February 18, 2011

How can your day be anything but wonderful when a baby this cute gets carried in?

Happy Friday everyone!
Enjoy the 73 degree weather today... I will.

Baby Photography, Lexington NC.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thank you 'S' family for bringing in your sweet new addition. I really would have liked it more if you had decided to leave this adorable baby with me forever.

Enjoy these few from our session until I see you next week.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Being with a high school senior last Sunday really made me do some reviewing of my past. Megan was a great sport.

Because I am me though, and I know that she will read this post, I feel obliged to pass on some life's knowledge to her.

What I know now, but wish I knew at 17.
Less is more, with one exception... Love, you can never get or give too much.
Speeding doesn't really get you places that much faster.
Friends are important, but family is everything.
You will never please everyone.

Reading is good for you.
Being different isn't wrong.
People are oddly consistent.
Having fun is addictive, invite others.

When the sun is shinning, go outside.
Sing, even if you don't have a good voice.
Put yourself out there, where ever that may be.
Listen to gossip, ignore it and never repeat it.
When the sun isn't shinning go outside.

Thanks Megan. It was so much fun to work with you. Swing by to see the rest of your shots.

( Feel free to leave your advise in the comments box)

NILMDTS, Real Life Photography, Photographer, Lexington NC 27295

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Last night I had a little meltdown, and it wasn't pretty. As the evening came to an end I climbed into bed and flipped on the TV. The Time Traveler's Wife was almost finished, and since I love that movie I decided to finish watching it... even though it always makes me cry.
The movie came to the part when he zaps back into the living room dying, Rachel McAdams runs to his side and holds him. They tell each other they love each other unconditionally, they kiss (he is bleeding) he takes his last three breaths and dies. Rachel McAdams is devastated, next it shows her with her daughter as the years pass by. By this point in the movie I have tears on the rims of my eyes, but what happens next does me in.

The Time Traveler reappears in the field and visits Rachel. He only stays for a few moments before he vanishes.

She says to him "Why didn't you tell me you would come back?"
He answers "I didn't want you to spend your life waiting."

And then this is when the meltdown happened. I cried, and once I started I couldn't stop. Twenty minutes later after sobbing heavily I realized it wasn't the movie that had me so sad. It was the weight of the day.

(Insert Flash back)
Yesterday in the wee hours of the morning I was called to the Hospital to take pictures of an infant who died of complications. The mother and father were alone in the room. In the hospital incubator was a perfect baby. The child was beautiful, it was painful to see such an amazing little baby gone. After pictures, I left the hospital and said a prayer on my way home for the parents.
(exit Flashback)

It wasn't until I watched the movie and the gravity of a loved one dying hit me. In the movie she got a second chance to see him...In real life it isn't that way. It isn't fair and we don't understand why it happens. After my sobbing subsided I went into my children's room and watched them sleep. Sometimes my sessions for Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep are more difficult than others. This was a tough one, if there is ever a time you appreciate all that you have been given by having children, it is when you volunteer for this organization.


Bridal Portrait suggestions, Real Life Photography, Lexington NC

Monday, February 7, 2011

There is an excitement building. You can feel it it the sparse warm days, see it on TV commercials for bridal shows, and smell it when you walk into a bakery. Wedding season is fast approaching, this translates to Bridal Portraits.

Location, Location, Location....
Lexington and the surrounding area offers some great locations for shooting Bridal sessions. Reynolda Gardens, Bicentennial Park, Tanglewood, Old Salem, Downtown Lexington, Greensboro and Winston Salem. Also consider Lexington's Historic Courthouse, High Rock Lake, The Bog Gardens, And Wake Forest University. Some brides are even allowed to use the location where their wedding or reception will be held and those can be some very scenic locations as well. The Bridal Portraits should also be personal so think about a place that may have meaning for you - a neighborhood park or clubhouse, your college campus, etc. - any place that holds a special meaning to you.

There are so many steps to insure great Bridal Portraits. Hair and Make-up, the dress, company during the session, shooting time, shoes, ice packs (yes, I said ice packs), the weather,... and the list goes on and on. But as a Photographer THE MOST IMPORTANT choice is location.

If you are not on the books yet for your bridal session call now (336-425-8602) to reserve your spot. Bridal Portraits are usually shot on a Thursday or Friday, and should be planned at least 30 days before your wedding.

Happy Monday!!

Newborn Photographer Lexington NC.... a little bitty newbie!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

I would like to start this blog with a declaration... I WANT ONE OF THESE!!

Not to keep forever of course, but to love and snuggle, and send home when the smelly stuff happens.

I have a friend who will be having a baby soon, but it is going to be a boy. Boys are great but I already have two of them. There is Nothing like the sweetness of a baby girl.

And should I even mention how fast they all grow up.... ugh seems like five minutes ago I was pregnant, and now my son is turning 10. Double digit 10!!!

My boys won't wear cute little hats like this either. In fact they don't like to wear hats at all unless it has the name of their favorite team on it.

Oh, and little feet and toes, hold on while I wipe the tear from my eye..
Speaking of feet, for the record let me say that my oldest now wears the same size shoe as me, yup! (and his toes don't smell as good as they did 9 years and 11 months ago)

This is a plea to all my friends, please someone have another baby. And if you need to be reminded of how sweet a baby can be, drop by my studio during a newborn session... sigh!!

Happy Friday!

Lexington, All About Education....

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

On yesterday's chilly and cloudy Tuesday I visited a friends store in Lexington. All About Education is a familiar place to teachers, but should be known by parents too.

Located on West Second Ave this store has been a staple for many teachers. Six years ago Toby and Cindy Prince saw a need for an educational store. After buying a home in Lexington they decided this would be a perfect location for the store. They enlisted help from Kay Mathis who was a retired teacher and Cindy's mother.

Most days you will find Toby and Kay in the store ready to help customers. They offer a HUGE range of products. Most are centered on education, but the hands on play area is what brings in the smaller customers. Those small customers are happy to see that All About Education carries the popular brand of toys from "Melissa and Doug". New products are shipped directly to the store. Toby says that they carry the largest selection of these toys in the area.

Be sure to get a rewards card when shopping. This incentive gives you cash towards your next shopping trip once the card is full. Who wouldn't like an extra $20.00?

These little erasers are a big hit with kids. Made by Iwako, they feature interchangeable parts and cost only $1.00.

This colorful store is sure to offer something for all parents, teachers and grandparents. The educational resources help children through eighth grade, but the toys and games are fun for all ages.

I have a tendency to gravitate towards the toys and fun stuff, but be assured that this store is bursting at the seams with booklets, flash cards, wall charts, reading materials, and everything you need to promote academic growth.

To find out more about All About Education visit them online:

The store is open from 10:00-6:00 Monday through Friday, and from 10:00-4:00 on Saturdays. They are open extra hours during all uptown Lexington shopping events. Remember to keep this fun store in mind next time your child needs help learning or has earned a treat.

Happy Wednesday!