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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Being with a high school senior last Sunday really made me do some reviewing of my past. Megan was a great sport.

Because I am me though, and I know that she will read this post, I feel obliged to pass on some life's knowledge to her.

What I know now, but wish I knew at 17.
Less is more, with one exception... Love, you can never get or give too much.
Speeding doesn't really get you places that much faster.
Friends are important, but family is everything.
You will never please everyone.

Reading is good for you.
Being different isn't wrong.
People are oddly consistent.
Having fun is addictive, invite others.

When the sun is shinning, go outside.
Sing, even if you don't have a good voice.
Put yourself out there, where ever that may be.
Listen to gossip, ignore it and never repeat it.
When the sun isn't shinning go outside.

Thanks Megan. It was so much fun to work with you. Swing by to see the rest of your shots.

( Feel free to leave your advise in the comments box)

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  1. These photos are beautiful! Thank you for taking such good pics of my beautiful sister and sharing such good advice with her. I have always loved all the photos you have taken of my daughter Bella too! We will be contacting you soon to set up a photo shoot for Bella!

    - Ashley Barnette

  2. Wow Melissa, those photos are gorgeous and the advice was greaty appreciated. You're a great photograher and an amazing person. I will definatly keep you in mind if I ever need anymore pictures taken, and you'll be the first one I call!
    Thanks again,


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