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Newborn Photographer Lexington NC.... a little bitty newbie!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

I would like to start this blog with a declaration... I WANT ONE OF THESE!!

Not to keep forever of course, but to love and snuggle, and send home when the smelly stuff happens.

I have a friend who will be having a baby soon, but it is going to be a boy. Boys are great but I already have two of them. There is Nothing like the sweetness of a baby girl.

And should I even mention how fast they all grow up.... ugh seems like five minutes ago I was pregnant, and now my son is turning 10. Double digit 10!!!

My boys won't wear cute little hats like this either. In fact they don't like to wear hats at all unless it has the name of their favorite team on it.

Oh, and little feet and toes, hold on while I wipe the tear from my eye..
Speaking of feet, for the record let me say that my oldest now wears the same size shoe as me, yup! (and his toes don't smell as good as they did 9 years and 11 months ago)

This is a plea to all my friends, please someone have another baby. And if you need to be reminded of how sweet a baby can be, drop by my studio during a newborn session... sigh!!

Happy Friday!

3 Responses to “Newborn Photographer Lexington NC.... a little bitty newbie!!”

  1. Oh Melissa, these are ABSOLUTELY adorable! I know I'm a little bias since she is my daughter but these pictures are just too precious for words. Thank you so much for taking the time today to do these. I definitely need to schedule some time in a few weeks to get Leah & Julia's pictures taken together. Now I need to go get a tissue and wipe away these tears! :)

  2. Those are so cute! When you think you want a little baby just let me bring my toddler and remind you why you should just stick with the 2 sweet boys you have!! Ha! I am going to come back one day and get you to take some pictures of Finn and Wells together if he will behave!

  3. Shelli, bring Finn anytime. He and Wells are some of the cutest creatures ever! Good or bad Finn knows how to win the ladies over. I will be looking forward to you stopping by. M


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