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Bridal Portrait suggestions, Real Life Photography, Lexington NC

Monday, February 7, 2011

There is an excitement building. You can feel it it the sparse warm days, see it on TV commercials for bridal shows, and smell it when you walk into a bakery. Wedding season is fast approaching, this translates to Bridal Portraits.

Location, Location, Location....
Lexington and the surrounding area offers some great locations for shooting Bridal sessions. Reynolda Gardens, Bicentennial Park, Tanglewood, Old Salem, Downtown Lexington, Greensboro and Winston Salem. Also consider Lexington's Historic Courthouse, High Rock Lake, The Bog Gardens, And Wake Forest University. Some brides are even allowed to use the location where their wedding or reception will be held and those can be some very scenic locations as well. The Bridal Portraits should also be personal so think about a place that may have meaning for you - a neighborhood park or clubhouse, your college campus, etc. - any place that holds a special meaning to you.

There are so many steps to insure great Bridal Portraits. Hair and Make-up, the dress, company during the session, shooting time, shoes, ice packs (yes, I said ice packs), the weather,... and the list goes on and on. But as a Photographer THE MOST IMPORTANT choice is location.

If you are not on the books yet for your bridal session call now (336-425-8602) to reserve your spot. Bridal Portraits are usually shot on a Thursday or Friday, and should be planned at least 30 days before your wedding.

Happy Monday!!

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