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The thing about dogs... Lexington NC Photographer

Friday, May 14, 2010

Our third son Thomas will be two this fall. Recently I have been trying to let him be leash and kennel free while we are away. The entire week has passed with only one shoe being destroyed. I didn't like the shoe anymore, so I thought no big deal.
But then today I came home to find this:

So I said, "Oh Thomas, you bad boy!"
And he proceeded to lay down and pretend to be dead.

Which is when I snapped this cute shot of his feet.

I looked over at our cat Esme, although she can't speak English, I am sure she was saying... "I saw the whole thing, guilty, guilty, guilty"

Thomas when your brothers come home you are going to be in big trouble!

Have a great weekend.
Melissa Sheets
Real Life Photography

One Response to “The thing about dogs... Lexington NC Photographer”

  1. Gotta love Thomas! You are so creative. I really enjoyed looking at the pictures and captions that went along with poor Thomas being so guilty. Looking forward to some more.
    Aunt Marybeth


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