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Real Life Photography, Lexington NC.... Melissa Sheets

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I really am happy to have two boys. No, I am not crazy. Yes, I do love soccer games, arrowhead hunting, muddy shoes tracks across clean floors, finding dried up worms in the dryer, and I even love the way that they are constantly hungry.

It is easy to love them when they wrap their sweet little he-man arms around my neck and squeeze me. Or when they pick an assortment of flowers for me from my yard ( dandelions included). And I adore it when they tell me that I am their very best friend. And I giggle when I see them checking to see if they have muscles in the mirror.

Boys are great, and I have worked very hard hard to convince myself that I don't need a little girl to spoil. .

Then something like this happens, a mom brings in a little girl to be photographed, and the little girl breaks out the kissy face.

be still my heart.

Please note; the boys above are not my boys, they belong to the kissy face girl.

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  1. Nice Pictures u did my dads wedding derek albea and sharon was his wife u did a great job (:


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