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Tanglewood Park, Photographer

Monday, November 8, 2010

I have frequented Tanglewood dozens of times over the past couple months. It is my favorite park to shoot in because it offers so much diversity. I am amazed that more families don't take advantage of the great local escape.

Here is a little history on the park.

History of Tanglewood Gardens

Tanglewood Arboretum was claimed by Sir Walter Raleigh for Queen Elizabeth on
March 25th, 1584.

Among the earliest European settlers of the Yadkin River Valley was William Johnson, an immigrant from Wales. In 1757, just four years after the Moravian settlement of the Wachovia Tract, in the nearby communities of Bethabara and Salem, Johnson purchased the mile square portion of the present Tanglewood Park.

Johnson built a fort overlooking the Yadkin River to protect his family and neighbors from attacks during the French and Indian War. He died in 1765. A simple frame church was built in 1809 next to his grave and remains as one of the Park’s architectural attractions.

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