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Real Life photography, Lexington NC

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

This Saturday was the best day of the year (so far) for weather. After finishing a busy morning at the studio I took my niece out for a little walk in the woods with my sister and my children.
      It is really special to share these small moments with my sister. As kids we used to run and play in the woods all the time. There were no video games, and in the summer, when there were leaves on the trees we were lucky to get three or four channels on the T.V. So our summers were spent playing in the woods and fields that surrounded our house.

   Seeing my boys run and play hide-and-seek with Bella brought back so many memories and it made me immensely grateful for the wonderful healthy life that we live. I won't lie, it also made me feel OLD knowing that more or less than 25 years have passed since my sister and I hung out in the forts and paths of our childhood stomping grounds. T.I.M.E. it sure does have a way of skipping along.

Huge thank you to Jennifer Mann, From Jennifer Mann photography for the green umbrella :)

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