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Arrow-head hunting!

Friday, February 19, 2010

We are so lucky to have an amazing field just across the street to play in. Not only can we ride our bikes, fly kites and run in the field... but there is a bonus! It is packed with hidden treasures. We have spent hours walking through rows of tobacco, corn and soybeans searching for arrow-heads.
Some days we only find chips and flakes, but on a good day, like today we find whole beauties! These rare finds cause my children to jump for joy, hug each other and do a little dance. Once they regain their composure they resume their normal behavior of throwing dirt clods at each other and calling each other names. This continues until one of them shouts "I found one." And then the cycle starts again.

Sidney and Zane are always so proud of what they find. I really need to find them an identification book on arrowheads. They are starting to not believe my made-up names for the tribes that they came from. Really, who's to say there was no such thing as the "pretty grey sparkle rock tribe"

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  1. Imagine my surprise when I read a comment, and I'm like...hey I know that name!! It's so good to see Mr. Sidney. He's growing up fast! I hope your family is doing well; I just wanted to say hello and thanks for reading.

    I'm not putting my full name on my blog, but you know me...your favorite first grade teacher ;)


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