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Help my child is shriveling up.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Oh the joys of summer. Here are some reasons why I love summer (and you should too);

1.) I love strolling the streets in our hometown. I just wish the stores stayed open later. It is no fun to just window shop all the time, sometimes I want to SPEND SPEND SPEND.

2.) Hearing the crickets chirping at night. If you think that noise maker on your alarm clock sounds like the real thing your wrong. Step out side on a summer night in the south and be serenaded by mother natures symphony.

3.)No school for the kiddies. At my house this means later bed times. So we can go do fun cool sruff even on a weeknight.

4.) Tans. (not tanning beds, but the real deal) I know they are bad for you, but the warmth of laying out and reading a good book...sigh

5.)The wrinkled cuteness of my children when they have spent hours swimming.

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