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Friday, December 3, 2010

Today is December the 3rd. I have been on blogging hiatus for about three weeks. I have missed posting, and I am happy to be back up and running.

Lots of things going on. Tonight I will be taking pictures with Santa for Charity. This event will be from 6-8 on Main Street in Lexington. Tom Hall has been gracious enough to set up a tree in the lobby of his art gallery for the portraits. And our wonderful Santa from last year will be returning. All proceeds will go to The American Children's Home in Lexington. This is a great chance to give, and for just $25.00 you will recieve one 5x7 and 2 4x6 prints. Please come out and get in the holiday spirit.

Joyce Suggs will be helping me this evening.... I wonder if she will show up dressed as and elf?

There is also some other BIG news.... I can't say all the details just yet... but it involves a new set of these:

The details will have to wait. For now I leave you with a sweet picture of an adorable little gal.

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