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Monday, August 8, 2011

Today around lunch I invited a friend/model over to my tiny house. We mostly did work on the computer, but we had time to snap a few spur of the moment boudoir shots. Ashton and I love the idea of candid boudoir, no hair or makeup boudoir. As a photographer who is starting to really enjoy boudoir I can appreciate the beauty of an uncontrived moment. I wanted Ashton to share some of her thoughts on Boudoir with my clients. As a former bride she can really relate to fears of a first time boudoir er. Here are her thoughts and ideas for a smashing boudoir session:

Well hello ladies, I am dropping by to tell you just a few reasons why boudoir is sure to work for you. I feel like a common misconception about the popular photo session is that it is not for everyone. I am so happy to tell you this is a 100% MYTH. Boudoir is for everyone! We all have insecurities,I myself have quite a few. But I can honestly say that after my session, I felt more self-assured than ever. These pictures capture your inner beauty, Melissa does a wonderful job of bringing out the true sexy you! As long as you bring a will to make beautiful photographs, Melissa will be sure to do the rest, and I can promise you will come home with some amazing photographs for your significant other, and a new found confidence boost for yourself! So go ahead treat yourself to sexy! Book your shoot today!

Xoxo AshtonRae

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