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SAY IT FAST Spring Sprinkler..Spring Sprinkler...Spring Sprinkler

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Here is Zane. Zane isn't bothering anyone. See Zane sneak towards the sprinkler that is watering the clover, I mean grass (sorry muffler man). What Zane doesn't know is that his older and wiser brother is hiding in the bushes getting ready to yank on the water hose.

A screaming and wet Zane is so shocked he can't make his legs move. He can't run away fast enough.

At this moment, I could hear two things. The raucous laughter of Sidney, whose plan had worked. And I am sure that I could hear revenge being plotted.

Luckily Zane found this trick funny. So instead of crying he emerged wet and smiling.

And then this happened.

Zane convinced Sidney that he was thirsty. And being such a nice brother Zane would crimp the water hose so that Sidney could take a drink.

Sidney shouldn't have believed his brother.

2 Responses to “SAY IT FAST Spring Sprinkler..Spring Sprinkler...Spring Sprinkler”

  1. Those are priceless! Such brotherly love!

  2. We have a clover yard to! I was just giving Jared a hard time about it, he said at least it's green! Ha!

    Those pictures are to cute! I hope you had a good trip!


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