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Fun Facts Friday!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Fact One: About 99% of pumpkins marketed domestically are used as Jack O'Lanterns at Halloween.

Fact Two: In the United States, 86% of Americans decorate their homes for Halloween.

Fact Three: Legendary magician Harry Houdini died in Detroit of gangrene and peritonitis resulting from a ruptured appendix on Halloween in 1926.

Fact Four: Spalding claims to be the pumpkin capital of Britain, because it's the home of the country's biggest producer. David Bowman grows two million a year!

Fact Five: Did you know - there are no words in the dictionary that rhyme with orange? Hard to believe for such an important color?

Fact Six: It is believed that the Irish began the tradition of Trick or Treating. In preparation for All Hallow's Eve, Irish townsfolk would visit neighbours and ask for contributions of food for a feast in the town.

Fact Seven: The record for the fastest pumpkin carver in the world is Jerry Ayers of Baltimore, Ohio. He carved a pumpkin in just 37 seconds!

Fact Eight: Vampires think Halloween is tacky and don't bother going out that night.

Fact Nine: The original Halloween film directed by John Carpenter in 1978 cost just $320,000 to make. It ended up making over $50m worldwide.

Fact Ten: People have believed for centuries that light keeps away ghosts and ghouls. Making a pumpkin lantern with a candle inside may keep you safe from all the spooky spirits flying around on Halloween.

Have a great weekend.
Melissa Sheets

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