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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Huge storms rolled through our area last night leaving a trail of destruction. This morning after learning that Davidson Co. Schools were closed the kids and I went out to take pictures of the storm damage. I drove and my boys took the images. They were shocked by some of the houses we saw.

The angles aren't the best because I wouldn't let them get out of the car just in case there were power lines hiding under branches, but here are a few images from this morning that they captured.

This photograph was taken in front of Reeds School. Most of these images were from within 10 miles of the school.

This historic home in Tyro was one missing the left top of the house courtesy of a mammoth tree that clobbered the home.

Detour signs were everywhere. Old high 64 and New 64 were closed to traffic. Hwy 150 was closed in at least three spots, and part of main street was shut down for the first half of the day.

Early this morning when we first passed by this trampoline was across the street and had smashed into a house at least 50 feet away. By the time we came back around they had moved it back to its spot.

Under and behind this tree... there is a house.

I am sure this family wondered where their front porch went... until they looked up.

This section of Waitman road behind Reeds School had multiple trees uprooted and broken all in a row.

It must be said, through with all the thunder and lighting not all Davidson county residents were startled awake. My husband slept through it all, my children did not.
They ran downstairs screaming that aliens were invading...At least they have a good imagination.

Happy, or not so Happy Tuesday.

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  1. We are so glad that you and your family and friends are okay... Ohhhh that Mother Nature, she can put up quite a fight..the last of our New York snow has melted, finally !


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