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A year ago, NC wedding Photographer

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ahh the difference a year can make. A year ago my studio space was in a different location. A year ago Easter was already over.

A year ago we were here, strolling along a hillside street in Rome on our way to the Villa Borghese.

And a year ago we were here too. Learning about the gladiators and the tree lined streets that Mussolini built.

This was our view from above the Spanish steps looking out onto Rome.

And this, Saint Peters Basilica, the place that each time we walked miles to get there they were closed.

This was the best. A year ago we were napping under olive trees somewhere along the Apian Way.

Ok, snap back to reality, today its time to edit ahhhmazing portraits. And schedule more appointments. If you aren't on the books for spring you are running out of time.

Happy Tuesday-

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