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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My house has been ruled for the past three nights by an ongoing game of monopoly. I forgot when I agreed to set it up and play how LONG this game truly is. Did you know that the longest MONOPOLY® game ever played was 1,680 hours long. That is 70 straight days!

After 6 hours of playing time, we decided as a family that at the end of the third night of playing whoever has the most money wins.

My youngest son won the game, owning most of the properties and with over 4,000.00 in hand. He won by a landslide. The effect of power and money (even fake money) are a bit troubling on an eight year old.

Of course in a house full of competitive boys this left for a few sore losers.

And while all this commotion was going on Esme enjoyed a new place to sleep.

Games are a great way to have fun with your kids. My husband and I laughed so hard at the silly things our boys said while playing this game. Over 250 million sets of the MONOPOLY® game have been sold worldwide, I bet there is one in your closet. I hope this will encourage you to break out a board game and have some fun with your kiddos!
Happy Wednesday everyone.

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