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Friday, November 25, 2011

So, it is Friday, and I have that Kohls commercial in my head.... " It's Friday, it's Friday, everyone loves black Friday. Black Friday, black Friday, got to go to Kohls On black Friday." Grrrrrr it's a catchy jingle that is bouncing around in my head.

I loved my day off today. It was a whole day spent with the kiddos, and no telephone. I even survived the new muppets movie. I do not recommend this movie unless you bring a pillow to take a nap. Even the boys didn't like it.

It's back to work for me in the AM, and I am very excited. Three days of a staycation, and I miss my little studio on Main Street. I have two awesome families coming in the morning, and then I am expecting Jennifer Mann (another local photog) to stop over. It should be a good day.

I'm thinking it is almost giveaway time again. Keep your eyes on Facebook for updates.


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