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The Black Dog Emporium, 336-249-7799 John and Heather Seuberling

Friday, January 7, 2011

As a new blog effort I have decided to spotlight a few of the shops on Main Street. Today I wandered into the Black Dog Emporium located at the corner of First Ave. and South Main Street.

This antiques store is full of cool finds, from dishware, and costume jewelry to vintage eyeglasses and mounted butterflies.

The shops mascot was there today and was kind enough to pose for a few shots.

The Black Dog Emporium is going into its third year of operation. It currently houses 10 vendors with a waiting list available for others who would like to rent a booth. Heather and John enjoy owning their own business and are proud to be on Main Street. Together they manage the stores vendors, and seek out entire estates for purchase. Heather has a passion for jewelry and eventually plans to offer high-end estate finds.
John likes rocks of a different nature. He recalls hunting for arrowheads as a child and has continued his collection. He offers several arrowheads for sale, and is ready to help others gain knowledge on the subject.

These vintage radios are fully working models. The vendor replaces internal parts but keeps the original front. These make a great gift for a collector or for the guys who has everything.

Heather spoke highly of the artist who creates beautiful displays with real butterflies. These butterflies are collected from all over the world. They die a natural death in their own habitats and are harvested. The colors on the wings are something to see in person.

Heather and John Welcomed me into their store, even with a giant camera and a bunch of questions. They even shared a not so secret secret with me..... They are going to have a baby. Looks like maternity pictures are on the horizon for this fun couple.

You can go in and congratulate them (and shop) on Saturdays from 10-5, and Tuesday through Friday from 10:30 until 5:30. Be sure to tell them I sent ya in.


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