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Lucky Ladies, Boudoir Sessions Saturday! Real Life Photography.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Less than a week until a fun day of Boudoir sessions. I wanted to post a few links that have great lingerie.

Hair and makeup will be available by Jessica Ragan, owner of Southern Chic in High Point. ( She will be in my studio for the sessions. If you have not booked your hair and makeup and wish to, call me for her direct number)

If you are one of the lucky ladies that booked for the day here is what you can expect:

- I will coach you through your poses and session in a comfortable and private environment.
- You will be nervous but these nerves will subside with every moment during your session.
- I will choose the poses that will flatter your body type, you may not love EVERY shot, but the goal is to find a reasonable amount of your boudoir shots that you absolutely love.
- That the shoot will remain at YOUR comfort level. Boudoir does not need to mean lingerie shots and I will be able to make you look sexy in even a pretty dress or sweater.
- That you photos will remain private unless you sign a model release.
- That you will have the time of your life!

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