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Melissa Sheets, Lexington Photographer

Friday, March 9, 2012

Today is day four of having no voice. For those readers that know me, you will recognize immediately that this is a HUGE inconvenience because I love to talk!! Here are the things having no voice has reminded me of:

  1.  Speaking softly to my children has a greater effect. They actually have to listen to figure out what I am saying. They don't just hear me.
  2. I must normally talk TOO much because my hour sessions are only lasting 45 minutes and I am still rocking out great images.
  3. The dishes, and dirty clothes pile up... the effort of asking in mock sign language for help is useless.
  4. My new clients don't know yet that I am a talker, they will figure that out at their proof sessions :)
  5. The phone is not my friend.
  6. E-mail and text messaging is way under-rated.
  7. My husband doesn't seem to miss the hour long run through of my day when he gets home.
  8. My singing sounds better a little raspy, good thing there is no one around to hear it.
  9. Hot tea and honey is yummy!
  10. Sticky notes are costly and I use way too many. Not having my voice has made me use even more.
Number 2 mentioned images. I 'd love to share one from this morning with you. And at the bottom of this post there is a quick video on a new line of lockets that I will carry in my studio. They are so precious.

Here are the new lockets. I would love some feedback before I Place my order. The quality of these is something that I can stand behind. So many of the other locket companies offer a low quality alternative. These will be priced between 150.00 - 300.00 for the ones that I plan to carry. This will include the image inserts.

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