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Photographer in Lexington NC.... Vespa

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ohh these warm spring days make me think of yard work, outdoor photographs, painting my fence...... and it brings back my yearly lust for a VESPA.

Steven and I went to Rome a couple years ago. When we returned I was set on buying a vespa. But my plans were quickly thwarted by my husbands disapproval and my parents concerns for safety. I get the common sense factors of safety, but it doesn't stop me from dreaming.

Here is the beauty that has been calling my name!!

This is how I  will feel riding my Vespa on errands.


And here is the side cart that Pippa will ride in on nice days.

We all have things that we want but don't need right? My husband thinks the Vespa issue has gone dormant. Little does he know that "the yearly Vespa talk" will be happening again soon, thanks to this spurt of warm weather.

Enjoy the outdoors, I know I will.


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